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Last updated 22 May 2011

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1 - 2

Stand in the middle of Devils Bridge facing in the direction of Kirkby Lonsdale Photo.
Walk in the direction of the town for about 23 metres, then turn left through a gap in the wall. At the foot of the steps, bear right to follow the signposted Public Footpath to Biggins Photo. Cross the small meadow, in the direction of a gate in the stone wall about 120 metres away.

Cross the main road passing through another gate, to enter a field.

2 - 3

Proceed directly ahead for 45 metres, to join onto a footpath that runs between the houses. At the far end of this path, cross over the Kirkby Lonsdale/Whittington road and climb a short flight of steps through a tall hedge, to enter a large field, signposted to Wood End. As you crossed the road you may have noticed, on your left, a garden shed featuring a chimney complete with "creature" descending. It isn't possible to define the creature as it changes on nearly a weekly basis, and is often seasonal in nature. The property is clearly occupied by someone with a singular sense of humour.

Climb the hill in front of you, to link up with a wall on your left after 140 metres. Follow the line of the wall to pass through a squeeze-stile after 370 metres, situated in the top left hand corner of this field.

3 - 4

Walk along the left-hand edge of the next field, to pass through a second squeeze stile by the side of a gate. Continue in the same direction for a further 90 metres, to locate a third squeeze-stile on the left, with a farmyard on the opposite side. Enter the farmyard, then turn right between the buildings and follow a hard surfaced track for just over 140 metres, to approach a cottage on your left. Up to this point you have been following the route of the "Limestone Link" which continues on over Hutton Roof and Holme Park Fell then onwards to Arnside.

4 - 5

The Limestone Link continues straight ahead but you turn left, down by the side of the cottage, to join up with a narrow, winding footpath. Further along the path changes to follow the course of a small beck. On the Ordinance Survey map this is marked as a Bridleway Photo but it would be a challenge to the very best of horseman (horsewoman or horseperson) to ride down. At the end pass through a gate by the side of a barn.

Within 14m, turn right and climb over a stile to enter a field. This area is known as Sellet Mill and, nearer to the main road, there is evidence of a Roman Settlement. Walk parallel to the fence, which forms the boundary of a bungalow, on your left for a maximum of 114 metres, then turn left and pass through a large field-gate to enter the adjoining field.

5 - 6

Go straight across the field, aiming for another gate 46 metres away. In the next field, turn sharp right and walk alongside the hedgerow for a maximum of 415 metres.

As you walk you will see, on your left, a steep bank which is known as Sellet Bank and has a Trig Point denoting an elevation of 117 metres at its summit. It was from the top of Sellet Bank that the brother and friends of the Countess of Lichfield (step mother of Lord Lichfield the famous photographer), but at that time a Dawson Greene, attempted to fly (presumably hang glide). There was a summer house on the summit at which the Dawson Greene family, of Whittington Hall, used to enjoy balmy summer afternoon picnics.

Continue along the edge of the field to locate a wooden stile on your right. Cross over the stile, and bear left and follow a grassy path Photo around the left hcnd eegm of the field. You will be passing Sellet Hall the home of Colin and Marjorie Hall who open their gardens to visitors during the summer. After a distance of 370 metres, locate a stile Photo with a 3-way road junction on the opposite side.

6 - 7

Turn sharp left, on a lane signposted to Whittington. This is Hosticle lane Photo which eventually leads to a T junction with another lane, which is in fact Church Lane in the village of Whittington.

7 - 8

Turn left down Church Lane. You will reach the gate to St. Michael's church on the other side of the road. Pass through the gate and follow the path around the end of the church, leading to the front entrance Photo. You can find some of the story of St. Michael the Archangel elsewhere on our web site. A set of steps descends immediately in front of you to the fenced path, known as the Long Walk Photo, which can be seen stretching ahead between two meadows, finally reaching a small wooden gate Photo at the main Kirkby Lonsdale/Carnforth road at the West end of the village.

At the wooden gate, at the end of the "Long Walk" turn left and at the sharp bend in the road less than 50 metres ahead turn right down the lane at the side of Low Hall. Continue at 8 - 9 below.

Alternatively, if whilst passing through the churchyard, you are feeling in dire need of sustenance then, after you have descended the steps and passed over the present graveyard, you can take the path to the left, rather than continue along the Long Walk, and enter Main Street by the side of the old school. As you reach Main Street the house immediately on your left is the birthplace of William Sturgeon, with a commemorative plaque on the wall. Turn right and you will find the Village Hall on your right. If you take this route you then continue along Main Street until you reach the sharp right bend at the end of the village. Turn left and follow the route described next.

8 - 9

Follow the broad, stony track for just over 1/2 mile. As you go you will spot on the left the Large bank which forms a natural grandstand each Easter, when the Lunsdale Hunt hold their annual Point to Point. You will also pass hurdles which replace part of the hedgerow where the races pass over the road. At the far end, cross over a cattle-grid to enter a field. Turn sharp left, to cross over a second cattle grid 140 metres distant. The fishing hut belonging to Whittington Estates Photo will be immediately in front of you on the left. You will also notice the shallows across the Lune which are marked on the Ordinance Survey maps as a Ford. Don't try to ford it, it isn't really that shallow for most of the year Photo. Follow the path which runs parallel with the Lune, in an upstream direction.

9 - 1

Link up with the River Lune, then walk parallel to the waters' edge, sometimes on the river bank and at other times in the adjoining meadows, for 1.3/4 miles. Part way along you will arrive at a pipe bridge Photo which carries various services across the Lune. In the distance on your left, just past Holme House, you may be able to see the pumping station which feeds over the river. Continue along the river bank and you will eventually arrive back at the same point on the main Kirkby Lonsdale/Ingleton road which you crossed at the beginning of the walk. Cross over the road to return to Devils Bridge, and the start of the walk. You have probably earned one of the excellent ice creams available at the mobile van, or one of the best bacon rolls available anywhere in the country, at the Butty Wagon.

We look forward to seeing you on Hutton Roof next week.

Total distance 4.1/2 miles. Allow 2 to 2.1/2 Hours (plus stoppages for lunch)

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