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As chronicled in Wagtail, the Parish Magazine in Whittington, Arkholme and Gressingham.
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The musings of GERALD - December 2004

Thank you Iain for a very touching Remembrance Service I am sure all who were there left thinking of those young men who failed to return to our village.

The Heritage Society would like to thank everyone who supported their exhibition, we are amazed how much material we have collected in just two years and it is still coming in. Only one tenth of John Hodgkin's photos were on display so you can imagine how many more there are to see. If you would like to study the photos or documents more closely get in touch with Gerald on 71488 to arrange a viewing. If you have any old parish photos which you think would help our collection we would, like to copy them and hand you back the originals.

Did you get a chance to read those pages copied from the Church Register at the exhibition, the history of Whittington never ceases to amaze me. In 1648 the Church Wardens state "Whereas the Church of Whittington in the County of Lancaster is out of repayres as also ye bells and clocke therein" We never knew there was a clock before 1875, why didn't they leave it with the Coat of Arms in the Old Rectory? It must have been one of the oldest church clocks around.

The people of Whittington have always been very generous no more so than at the time of the Great Plague in the 1660's when collections were made and the money sent all over the country. Local villages to benefit were Aughton who received three shillings and five pence (seventeen pence in modem money) and Flookburgh, One Pound fourteen shillings and four pence. One Pound seventy two Pence was collected and sent to London to help rebuild St Paul's Cathedral in 1678, these were just three of the many places to benefit at the time, how did they do it? And how did the clock winder know the time to set the clock?

Lupton Church are holding a fund raising dance in the Village Hall on December 18th. The music played by the Blencathra Dance Band

On January 8th Syd Banks is playing music for dancing to raise money for the Heart Foundation also in the Village Hall, come along ,you're sure of a warm welcome. At each one there will be a bar, and home made suppers which are always good.

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The musings of GERALD - November 2004

The Whittington Heritage Society has been promised £2,500 by The Georgian Group to help fund the restoration of the Royal Coat of Arms. We are still waiting to hear from the Heritage Lottery fund and hope that they will be equally generous.

The Whittington Heritage Society are holding an open day on Sunday November the 14th, 12pm to 4pm in the Village Hall when they will be displaying the material they have collected since their formation. It includes old maps, photos, documents, books, and the 1881 census for Arkholme Gressingham and Whittington. If your house has a date, initials, or a coat of arms above the door come and find out all about it, or if it is a listed building see what the experts say about it, also on show photos of buildings no longer standing - the old boys school, the summer house on Sellet Banks, the old house at Friendly Harbour, and the interior of the Church before the 1870 extension and lots more besides, we promise you a very interesting and informative afternoon.

We are also showing Arkholme School groups 1924-1950 Trinity Sports 1946-1963 and early photos of the Church and Railway Station. Please come early there is a lot to see.

Good to see Alice Mackereth back borne after her stay in hospital and a week with her daughter Catherine. The footpaths of Whittington will be a bit safer now as she bas promised to slow down to a trot, set off five minutes earlier to all her many commitments, and stop climbing ladders, its good to have you back with us Alice.

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The musings of GERALD - October 2004

The Church St gardeners had a good response to their appeal for bulbs and plants in last months Wagtail. Over 400 bulbs are now planted as well as lots of rockery and ground cover plants that were donated. There are still a few empty spaces but thank you every one who contributed your rewards will be seen in spring.

The Whittington Heritage Society are holding an exhibition of old books, photos, maps and clippings they have collected over the last two years. It will be held on Sunday November the 14th 2pm - the Village Hall. Come along and see what the village was like in years gone by.

The Heritage Society have had over 280 of the Rev John Hodgkin’s photographic slides photographed thanks to Dr Michael Hall of the Kirkby Lonsdale Civic Society

It is a superb collection one especially, shows the Church interior prior to the 1875 extension with a wonderful three tier pulpit and beautiful box pews. The Hodgkin's lived at No. 1 the Chestnuts when they were first married and another sequence of photos were taken on the road around their front gate, the wall and gate posts have never been altered since these photos were taken over 100 years ago.

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The musings of GERALD - August 2004

I was sitting in the Church Yard having spent two hours cutting the grass when I saw a slow worm sunning itself on the banking. Having not seen one for at least two years I had wondered if they were still around, this one was a mature adult about twelve inches long and as thick as my little finger, they are a lovely silvery green colour and according to the nature books are a blind legless lizard quite harmless and feed on beetles and grubs they find in the grass. The people cutting the grass must be doing something right because the spring flowers have never been nicer nor have I seen more varieties of wild birds than there is this year. The old Church Yard may not be the neatest around but it is one of the most interesting and a haven for wild life. It is not the easiest of places to cut grass with steep banks and lots of hidden holes and old graves to cut around, but with modem strimmers our grandfathers would think it easy compared to their day using scythes and sickles.

Whittington Heritage Society have recently had some interesting material donated by Hazel Martin she collected it whilst writing the Millennium Book, it includes maps of Roman Sites and Roads and records of old coins and artefacts found in the Parish over the years and lots more besides, thank you Hazel, everyone is delighted with your gift.

Anyone interested in local history who would like to join the society ring Gerald on 015242 71488 for details.

Further to the meeting of Tom Beech and Jack Buckley in the May issue Jack has been in touch and told me the last time they met was in Morecambe in the early fifties when they were both in the forces, they talked so much that time causing them to miss the last bus and having to walk all the way home, it took them almost three hours, no taxis in those days. He also showed us two water colours Tom had painted for him one of Arkholme Church and the other The Bay Horse and cross roads both beautifully painted and a very nice gift.

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